“one of the greatest crimes in civilization is the offense of apathy.”

Everyone is guilty of feeling indifference towards one thing or another. We have that feeling that something just doesn’t matter, or why should we care about something? That kid in Africa, more than 3000 miles away from me? Someone else will take care of them. I gotta take care my own ass. I got rent to pay, work to do, I just don’t have enough time to care about that kind of stuff.

That, my friends, is where you are wrong. Indifference closes our minds, it wants us to think that that suffering child or group of people (the earthquake in chile or Haiti for example) don’t matter. They don’t affect us in some actual way. But it does. Suffering is universal. While that act of suffering may not be too close to us or affecting us or those close to us directly, we can still feel it in our hearts. It creates hardness – or a lump, rather – in our heart that begins to chide away at the feeling of empathy or sadness that we have towards others, including ourselves. How many times have we walked by a homeless person on the street and though, “get a job.” or “someone else will give them money.”

No. You can be that person who makes that change, which that indifference and makes it into a difference. Make your heart malleable, give it the ability to be impacted by things that happen to others so that you can rise up and be that change we think of but wait for someone else to create. Our indifference damages the world and our individual selves. We are all in this together, why not take away that apathy and change it into empathy. Imagine yourself as that person. Imagine yourself as that troubled soul. How would you feel? Would you want someone to help you out? To be a shoulder for you to lean on?

You would. Now imagine a world in which we destroy indifference.

That is a world in which I would like to live. And I’m sure you would, also.

Be that change, create hope


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